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2 0 1 8 -  A S   Y O U   L I K E   I T

Wednesday 27th - Saturday 30th June 2018


7.30 p.m. (and a 3 p.m. Saturday matinee) 


"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.."


Rosalind and Celia are forced to flee the tyranny of the court, and find sanctuary in the near-mythical forest of Arden.  There - amongst the clowns and the cynics, the romantic youths, the shepherds and shepherdesses and the banished Lords living like Robin Hood’s merry men - they come of age and learn the true value of love and friendship.

A U D I T I O N   I N F O R M A T I O N

Date/Time: 3rd February at 10 a.m. (till 1 p.m.)

Venue: At Walthamstow School for Girls', Walthamstow, E17 9RZ

The Greek Theatre Players 2018 Production will be:

'As You Like It'.
Dir: Mark Greenall, Assistant-Dir: Pamela May

Key dates:
Dress rehearsal:        23rd June
Copped Hall (dress): 24th June
Dress Rehearsal:       25th June
Performances:           27th to 30th June (including a Saturday Matinee at 3pm)
(You MUST be available for all of the above)
Regular rehearsals will be Saturday mornings 10am - 1pm.


Audition Scenes:

Auditions will be selected from the following sections, depending on what people have asked to audition for (please contact the team ahead of time, if possible.)

Note, line numbers vary slightly in different editions, depending on how they've set out the prose.

There is also an online version here, which you might wish to refer to.

  • Act 1 Sc i:  From Charles - “Good morrow to your worship” - Line 94 to end

  • Act 1 Sc iii: All

  • Act 2 Sc i:  All

  • Act 2 Sc iii: From Orlando - “Why, whither Adam…” - Line 30 to end

  • Act 2 Sc v: All

  • Act 3 Sc ii “a”:  From Corin: “And how like you…” to Corin: “Here comes young master…” - Lines 11 to 86

  • Act 3 Sc ii “b”: From  Orlando: “Can you remember any… ”  Lines 344 to end

  • Act 3 Sc v: All

  • Act 5  Sc i:  From Touchstone: “Good ev’n …” to William : “God rest you merry…” - Lines 27 to 59

  • Act 5 Sc iv: From Hymen: “Peace Ho… to Hymen: “How thus we met…” - Lines 124 to 139


Character (Audition Piece/s)

Adam (2.3)

Amiens (2.1; 2.5)

Audrey (3.3)

Celia (1.3)

Charles (1.1)

Corin (3.2a)

Dennis -

Duke Frederick (1.3)

Duke Senior (2.1)

Hymen (5.4)

Jacques (2.5)

Jacques de Bois -

Le Beau (1.2)

Oliver (1.1)

Oliver Martext -

Orlando (2.3; 3.2b)

Phoebe (3.5)

Rosalind (1.3; 3.2b ;3.5)

Silvius (3.5)

The Lords (Court & Forest) (2.1; 2.5)

Touchstone (3.2a; 3.3; 5.1)

William (5.1)


Production/Casting Notes:

The production is being set in roughly Tudor-Jacobean costumes.  There will be music and song before each performance, using pieces popular around Shakespeare’s time. There will also be music, singing and dancing during the play.

Anyone willing to play an instrument or join in some choral singing is very welcome.


Rosalind has been pre-cast.  The songs of Amiens have been allocated.


Hymen will be played as a separate character (that of a real god).  The intention is to cast Hymen as female.


Lords: Those playing Lords can double as both Frederick’s and Senior’s entourage. The lines can be divided out once rehearsals start, so the usual distribution of lines to 1st Lord, 2nd Lord and Amiens will not apply.  The deer scene (4.2) follows a successful hunt, and the Lords will join in a raucous song with a little bit of choreography.


Le Beau: Given the themes of the play, it’s difficult to swap the gender of parts without doing it wholesale.  However, the part of Le Beau, or La Belle may be cast as male or female.


Others:  There’s plenty of scope for extra people in the court and forest scenes in various guises - lords and ladies, outlaws, shepherds and shepherdesses - for anyone who wants to just be involved.

Audition day:

When you arrive, please enter via the front entrance of the school (on Church Hill) where there will be approximately 15 parking spaces for our use.  If you arrive and there are no spaces left, you can use the rear car park but you will need to speak to the caretaker in the front office reception in order for the car park gates to be opened and to request access . 
Please aim to arrive by 9.45am. There should be arrows directing you to room G10, but there will also be members of the Greek Theatre Players on had to direct.


You will be given a lanyard on arrival which you must wear as a form of identification. There will also be a register as visitors must sign in and out.

Any questions? Please contact:



IF YOU ARE INTENDING TO AUDITION please email Mark/Pam at with the following information:

  • Name;

  • Email address;

  • Preferred phone number; address;

  • Part(s) you wish to read for;

  • Whether or not you are happy to play as cast;

  • Details of any rehearsal dates you know you will be unavailable for (Saturday mornings) so that a rehearsal schedule can be determined;

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