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2 0 2 2 - C Y M B E L I N E - A U D I T I O N

A U D I T I O N   I N F O R M A T I O N


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the audition date for this year's production has been changed

from Saturday 5th February to Saturday 19th February 2022.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to seeing you then.

Information about our 2022 production "Cymbeline" is below.

Please note the key dates for availability and read all information.

We always welcome new members and hold open auditions.  If you would like to be involved and are free to rehearse on Saturday mornings (indoors, until the weather warms up) do please come along to Walthamstow School for Girls on 19th February 2022 at 10 am.

One of our members will be at reception to direct you to the audition. 

Director, Bob Hutt, would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like more information, or who would like to be involved but is unable to make the 5th.

Contact details: Bob Hutt 07504 071614 /

We also welcome people who are interested in working back stage. This involves stage management, costume, lighting, front-of-house, hair, make-up, and a myriad other tasks which crop up when least expected. If you are interested in this area of performance, please contact us by emailing and our secretary, Pamela May, will contact you.

Do get in touch!


A U D I T I O N   I N F O R M A T I O N

Date: Saturday 19th February 2022 

Time: 10 am - 1pm

Venue: The Drama Studio at Walthamstow School for Girls', Walthamstow, E17 9RZ

(Church Hill, main entrance)

The Greek Theatre Players 2022 Production will be: 'Cymbeline'.
Dir: Bob Hutt

Key dates:
Dress rehearsal:   Sat 23rd July (10am - 6pm)
Copped Hall (Performance): Sun 24th July 2022 (10am - 6pm)

Tech rehearsal:    Mon 25th July (7 - 10pm)

Dress rehearsal:  Tues 26th July (7 - 10pm)

Performances:     Wed 27th to Sat 30th July

                               (performances at 7.30pm, including a Saturday Matinee at 3pm)

You must be available for all of the above.
Regular rehearsals will be Saturday mornings 10am - 1pm.


Cast read-through will be on Saturday 5th March 2022 (at Walthamstow School for Girls)

First rehearsal will be on Saturday 12th March 2022 (at Walthamstow School for Girls)



If you wish to be involved but cannot attend the audition, please contact Bob Hutt at: 07504 071614 /


Production/Casting Notes:

Scripts, with cuts already marked, will be provided at the audition.

These will then be provided, for those cast, to use for the production.

Any questions? Please contact:

Bob Hutt at / 07504 071614



Audition day:

Character information




















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